🏆 Trade Setups

Trade Setups will be called out via telegram and have a link back here for you to view. When trades reach their take profit we will log it here as a win. Enjoy!
🏆 Trade Setups

View Performance Record

🏆 15-Month Trading Record: 197 Wins/ 0 Losses (9 Active Trades)

Our strategy is simple and each trade can be viewed on this page. We will post a screenshot including the entry, buy limits, and take profit as well as the result when it reaches the take profit! This is not financial or trade advice but rather our personal trade book revealed for you to view. Learn how to trade our strategy.

📄 Use this spreadsheet to calculate your new break-even and take profit after a buy limit gets hit.

🟢 Active/New Trade Setups

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Crypto Trade Setups, Metrics, and Weekly Coaching

🏆 15-Month Trading Record: 197 Wins/ 0 Losses


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