Our Team

Introducing the Trade Confident Team! We are a group of friends and crypto junkies that have a passion to serve and see others succeed in their crypto journey.

Travis Martin

Founder/Head Trader/YouTube Spokesperson

Favorite Coins: ADA, EOS, MANA, DOGE, ETH

About me: I obviously love trading, that's a given, but besides that, a perfect day consists of playing with Finnegan (our golden retriever), our newborn, eating sushi, and spending quality time with my wife, family, and friends. God and my wife are the pillars of my life and I couldn't do what I do without Him.

Jake D.

Operations Manager, Customer Support Supervisor

Favorite Coins: ADA, MATIC and BTC

About me: Young trader with a passion for entrepreneurship and financial freedom.

Josh O.

Customer Relations Manager

Favorite Coins: MANA, MATIC and DOGE

About me: 10 years of banking industry experience prior to joining the Trade Confident team.