Member ProfitsπŸ’°

Get inspired by reading through profit testimonials from traders who have our indicators and joined our membership.
Member ProfitsπŸ’°

πŸ‘‹ Hey there! We love celebrating our members' success stories! Below is a list of profit testimonials from traders who have our membership or indicators. Some names have been blocked out to protect our member's privacy.

Check back as we will keep this page updated! Great job everyone!! 😊 πŸŽ‰

πŸ’°"You guys are the real deal."

πŸ’°"I won the 5% AVAX trade while I was sleeping!!"

πŸ’°"3x my portfolio in 30 days"

πŸ’°"Covered my member dues for the year... Great stuff!"

πŸ’°"I'm up 46.9%"

πŸ’°"I just sold and made $4103"

πŸ’°"Made $3100 today"

πŸ’°"Already made my money back"

πŸ’° Made $1,000 from $150

πŸ’°"I've covered 3 months of membership fees"

πŸ’° Purchased Indicators: Made "+$500, +$5,200, +$4,300!"

πŸ’°"My $59 membership is already paid with the profits in 6 days"

πŸ’°"Earned 16% with you guys!!"

πŸ’°"I have transferred $3,068 into my bank account!"

πŸ’°"Earned back the cost...within 10 days"

πŸ’°"I'm up almost $9K just from that one indicator"

πŸ’°"Just made $950 today!"

πŸ’°"Made a little over $500. Then another $400 the next day"

πŸ’°"I made $2,100 in 3 days!"

πŸ’°"Love this community"

πŸ’°"This week..I'm up $4,300"

πŸ’°Made "$3000 from $150 in two months"

πŸ’°"4% in less than 17 minutes"

πŸ’°"3.42% profit for $879"

πŸ’°"I made $3,200 in the last 3 days bro"

πŸ’°"I made back the cost of the bundle and TBF..within 2 hours of purchase"

πŸ’°"Just made $120 USD profit following your signals!"

πŸ’°"$100 profit on DOT buy"

πŸ’°"I'm up $5k in the past two weeks"

πŸ’°"I've gained 450%"

πŸ’°Made "$2K in a matter of a few hours. So fun you guys"

πŸ’°"Indicators are awesome"

πŸ’°"Everyone, get it. NOW"

πŸ’° Bought Indicators: "Have already made my money back"

πŸ’°"I'm making $1K per month from your indicators"

πŸ’°"Quick money, over $200"

πŸ’°"Just this week alone I've made $5,000"

πŸ’°"Just made $2,777...I'm making about $4,000/month"

πŸ’°"Just wanted to pop an email to say thanks"

πŸ’°"I made $485 yesterday and another $661 this morning"

πŸ’°"I made 17% last week"

πŸ’°"+23K using the TE and PWMF, in one week!"

πŸ’°"Past 13 days I have made $6,310 trading with indicators"

πŸ’°"Just made $3,500 this week"

πŸ’°"Pocketed $1376.85 profit overnight"

πŸ’°"I used Trend Exhaustion and Whale Money Flow to make $43K"

πŸ’°"$100 - $400 a week on average"

πŸ’°"Wish I had found this a lot sooner!!"

πŸ’°"Just closed my ETH trade and made $7K"

πŸ’°"I have your indicators and I feel like a god now"

πŸ’°"Made 25% profit."

πŸ’°"Already profited about $1200 using only 2 indicators"

πŸ’°"I have earned approximately 20%, GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!"

πŸ’°"I made $4,000 plus, in 24 hours"

πŸ’°"In 1.5 months I'm up $2K"

πŸ’°"Just joined the membership last week and already had my first win!"

πŸ’°"I have made $12K this bear market"

πŸ’°"I feel more confident than ever"

πŸ’°"I just exited 50% of my AVAX trade for 50% profit!!!"

πŸ’°"Hit 3 buy limits before exiting with 10% profit"

πŸ’°"Made 8%. Went back in on ADA"

πŸ’°"Gained $700, which is a weekly paycheck!"

πŸ’°"You are the only reason I am going to make money"

πŸ’°"Since I subscribed I've won 6 trades"

πŸ’°"I am now trading with confidence"


πŸ’°"29% profit. That's a great start!"

πŸ’°"Already making good money with you guys"

πŸ’°"Your indicators are gold in trading"

πŸ’°"In one month I made just over $1K"

πŸ’°"A few hours later I made more than 4% profit"

πŸ’°"Have made a nice $6K"

πŸ’°"I subscribed to your site and promptly made over $7K"

πŸ’°"$2.2K in the past 7 days"

πŸ’°"I am becoming a more calculated trader"

πŸ’°"Made $687.84 on my very first trade"

πŸ’°"6% profit in less than 24 hours"

πŸ’°"Just wanted to say thanks for all your work"

πŸ’°"Made 12% profit"

πŸ’°"$8k in 1 day"

πŸ’°"Already $8K profit since I started a month ago"

πŸ’°"Took $400 gain"

πŸ’°"I made $700 last night"

πŸ’°"$160 profit"

πŸ’°"Up $1710 last 10 days"

πŸ’°"My portfolio is up about 50% in 6 weeks"

πŸ’°"Up about $20K"

πŸ’°"Made almost $7K"

πŸ’°"Took 11% and 5% profit (ETH & BTC)"

πŸ’°"$2.3K in a day with the 2 indicators (TE and PVWMF)"

πŸ’°"Up $61,000 tonight"

πŸ’°"Up almost $20K from when I signed up"

πŸ’°"Already made $4K"

πŸ’°"Thanks buddy"

πŸ’°"$700 profit on BNB yesterday with your indicators"

πŸ’°More than $16,000 profit in about two months

πŸ’°"I have made almost $30K in 3 weeks using your metrics"

πŸ’°Wanted to share my P&L

πŸ’°$1700 profit in a week

πŸ’°"$5,064.90 in profits"

πŸ’°"Pretty happy with the $12,800 profit I made last week"

πŸ’°"I'm up $1,919 since I joined and have won every trade"

πŸ’°"Just made $500"

πŸ’°"$1,300 win so happy"

πŸ’°"I got 17K Euro in one day"

πŸ’°"Made 60% return on my capital in 1 month!"

πŸ’°"34% profit! Subscribe to the site and GET THE INDICATORS. You will not be disappointed."

πŸ’°"Super stoked"

πŸ’°First trade: "Up 12.5%"

πŸ’°"I have just about doubled my account"

πŸ’°"Almost $2K since subscribing"

πŸ’°"Made about $4K this morning"

πŸ’°"This is the only channel where I can actually make money"

πŸ’°"Crazy gains"

πŸ’°"Another $1100 profit"

πŸ’°"4/4 on wins with $1,700 profit over 8 days"

πŸ’° Combined profit of 90% on 3 trades

πŸ’°"$500 profit with your indicators"

πŸ’°"My trading account is up like 75%"

πŸ’°"Now up $14K"

πŸ’°"I made $400 in my first week"

πŸ’°"Portfolio growing nicely, +8.6%"

πŸ’°"Currently up by 80%"

πŸ’°$14,500 profit

πŸ’°Made money while I slept

πŸ’°$500 profit on two trades

πŸ’°"I have made $2K in 2 days"

πŸ’°"Thanks for your metrics!"

πŸ’°"Made $2K this morning"

πŸ’°"$6k and $10k profit"

πŸ’°"Took another $3.6K profit this morning"

πŸ’°"Up $40K in the last 3 weeks"

πŸ’°"I made 7-10% gain"

πŸ’°"Made another $1000 last night"

πŸ’°"Up by $1100"

πŸ’°"Up about $5,000 over the last week"

πŸ’°"The metrics rock"

πŸ’°Made $1,280 in 24 hours

πŸ’°"Made back over $1100 (in 2 trades)"

πŸ’°"I have made 15%"

πŸ’°"Strategy is very effective"

πŸ’°Sharing PNL

πŸ’°"Made another $1246 profit"

πŸ’°"Made $1800"

πŸ’°"Up $500"

πŸ’°"Up 24%. You are the man"

πŸ’°"Made 300 bucks"

πŸ’°"I'm currently up $4-5K thanks to the metrics"

πŸ’°"My profit has paid for the membership"

πŸ’°"Tired of missing out"

πŸ’° Made $1000

πŸ’°"Currently sitting in profit"

πŸ’°"I've made $5.5K"

πŸ’°"I got .1 more ETH because of you"

πŸ’°"I've made close to $700 in profit"

πŸ’° I got $100 in 10 seconds

πŸ’°Indicators already paid for themselves like 3x in 2 weeks

πŸ’°"Made me $1K profit thanks man"

πŸ’°"Made $60K profit"

πŸ’°Almost $7K in profits

πŸ’°"My profit was 14.4%"

πŸ’°"Just made a couple of thousands in profits"

πŸ’°"I made $5K"

πŸ’°"Today I profited about $185"

πŸ’°"I made around $30K in the last 2 days"

πŸ’°"Earned $100 thank you so much, your work is amazing!"

πŸ’°"I made $13,600"

πŸ’°"Today I made a solid $1450 gain"

πŸ’°"Really appreciate learning from you"

πŸ’°"Like I'm behind closed doors at a secret hedge fund convention"

πŸ’°"Great job"

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