Metric Preview

Crypto Metric Preview

This page is an example of the metrics provided for our top 20 cryptos. Data is comprised of trader sentiment and volume data to give you insight into what could happen next for each particular asset. Charts update daily by 8am PST accompanied by a last updated date stamp.

Ethereum Emotional Index

🎥 Tutorial Video | White: ETH Price | Blue: Emotional Sentiment

If the blue line is in the anxious or fearful section, this is historically where long trades do best. If the blue line is in the excited or greedy section, this is historically where short trades do best.

Ethereum Long vs. Short Trades

🎥 Tutorial Video | White: ETH Price | Green: Long Trades | Red: Short Trades

When long trades in green are moving up, and the price is moving down, this usually leads to a move up in price. Alternatively, when the price is moving up, and long trades start moving down, this signals a potential drop in price. When short trades in red are high, this signals a possible strong move down.

Ethereum Smart Money

🎥 Tutorial Video | White: ETH Price | Orange: Long vs. Short Trade Sentiment  

Smart money's goal is to buy the dips and sell the pumps. Orange bars in the long sentiment section represent the increased possibility of Smart Money buying the dip. Orange bars in the short sentiment section, represent the increased possibility of Smart Money shorting the move up.

Ethereum Breakout Detector

🎥 Tutorial Video | White: ETH Price | Green: Meter

When green bars form below the bottom white dotted line this is where Impulse moves are expected. When the green bars form above the top white dotted line, this is where Consolidation usually occurs.  

Ethereum Major Support/Resistance Levels

🎥 Tutorial Video | White: ETH Price | Green: Support | Red: Resistance

In green, we have major levels of support, and in red, we have major levels of resistance. Price will typically pause or move down at resistance, and price typically pauses or moves up from support.

Ethereum Daily Trade Scanner

Entering a Trade: Wait for a Buy or Strong Buy signal to be posted on the bar immediately to the left of the live bar. Use BL (Buy Limits) and TP (Take Profit) levels provided for risk management. If a Buy Limit is hit, use the Break-Even Calculator to calculate your new break-even entry and TP level. Use any of our metrics above (or indicators) as supporting evidence to increase the chances of a winning trade! 🎥 Watch a quick tutorial video of how this works!  

White: ETH Price | Red: Sell | Green: Buy | Purple: Strong Buy/ Strong Sell

You can get the TradingView version of this metric here and it will show you live Buy, Strong Buy, Sell, Strong Sell, Take Profit and Buy Limit levels for any crypto on any timeframe and allows for alerts to be sent to your phone, computer or email when a signal appears. It's awesome!!

Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended as financial, investment or trade advice. By viewing this page you are agreeing to the website's Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions. The explanations of how each metric works are based on personal opinions and are not meant as trade advice. Chart pricing, frame, dominance, total market cap, stablecoin inflow and outflow, and long vs. short trade data sourced from TradingView and their integrated exchanges. All other indicators and metrics are proprietary code belonging to Trade Confident LLC.

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