Getting Started (Strategy Tutorial)

Hey family! Welcome to Trade Confident :) Here is the most successful trading strategy we have used to acquire 124 wins with only 1 loss (LUNA). This strategy also allowed us to have the healthiest account we could find in the bear market due to the risk management it uses. Enjoy!

STEP 1. Watch Our Strategy Video

STEP 2. Grab Your Tools:

1. Indicators

You need the 'Trend Exhaustion' and 'Price vs. Whale Money Flow' at minimum, but snag our Bundle Pack for 82% if you want the best deal :)

2. Membership

Gives you access to the metrics for extreme entry confirmation.

3. Join Our Telegram (Included In Membership)

Gives you access to trade calls and exits, every important! (Free with membership)

Also, make sure to check Inside Tips daily for trade callouts and money-making opportunities.

STEP 3. Read about Member profits using our strategy and indicators, and get excited! 🤩  

💰 Profits $1200 using our two Indicators!

💰 Wins 4 trades, 4% each in 2 weeks!

💰 Take 17% Gain and 5% Gain!

💰 $485 and $661 profit!

💰 Making $1000's a month and $5000 in one week using the indicators!

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"You got this! And remember, you can always email us at if you have any questions :)"

-Trade Confident Team