(BTC) Bitcoin Charts

Use these metrics to help maximize your profits. Charts update daily at 8am PST.

Emotional Index

White: Price Line | Blue: Emotional Sentiment

If the blue line is in the anxious or fearful section, this is historically where long trades do best. If the blue line is in the excited or greedy section, this is historically where short trades do best.

Long vs. Short Trades

White: Price Line | Green: Long Trades | Red: Short Trades

When long trades in green are moving up, and price in white is moving down, this usually leads to a move up in price. Alternatively, when the price is moving up, and long trades start moving down, this signals a possible bearish turn coming. When short trades in red are high, this signals a possible strong move down.

Market Cap Strength

White: Price Line | Green: % of Overall Market Cap

The green line represents how much of the overall crypto market cap is allocated to this coin. When the green line goes up, this means money is flowing into this coin and out of others. When the green line goes down, this means money is flowing out of this coin and moving into others.

Trades In Favor

White: Price Line | Blue: Trade Sentiment  

Historically, the best place to take long trades is when the blue metric line is in the 'good' or 'great' long trade section. The opposite is true for short trades.

Whale and Institutional Smart Money

White: Price Line | Orange: Purchase Aggressiveness

Smart money buys the dips and sells the pumps. Orange bars in the long trade section represent the increased possibility of whales and institutions buying the dip. Orange bars in the short trade section, represent the increased possibility of whales and institutions shorting the move up.

Support & Resistance Prices

White: Price Line | Red: Resistance | Green: Support

Historically, long trades do best when placed close to support levels which are labeled in green. You can alternatively use resistance levels in red to look for good exit points for longs or short trades.  

Dollar-Cost-Average (HODL)

White: Price Line | Green: DCA Entries

Vertical green lines indicate good places to DCA for diamond hands or hodlers.

Death Cross

White: Price Line | Red: 200 MA  | Green: 50 MA  

If the green area is on top, this indicates a bullish market "golden cross". If the red area is on top, this resembles a "death cross", indicating a bearish market.

Today's Trade Setup

To Enter This Trade:

  1. Choose the amount to enter this trade with (let's say it's $1,000).
  2. Split this $1,000 into 4 equal portions ($250).
  3. Place ($250) at each of the 4 Buy Limit prices in yellow.
  4. Once your 1st Buy Limit is hit, set up the Sell Limit (in green), for a 100% exit.

Last Step: Join the Telegram channel here, where I'll be calling trade exits with our indicators for the trades we are in.

Please consult your financial advisor before entering into this trade.

3 Pro Tips

  • Check back here daily for updated Buy Limits. Make sure to update these in your exchange (if your first Buy Limit didn’t already get hit).
  • Once your first Buy Limit gets hit, do not move the other Buy Limits or Sell Limit.  
  • Once you exit 100% of the trade, remove all pending buy limits, and come back here for the next trade setup.

Video Tutorial: How To Trade Our Strategy (Step-by-Step)

Not financial advice. Entertainment purpose only.